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Prairie Seas, Mountain Harvest

Part memoir, part biography, part commentary on the impact a teacher can have on a life.

This is the story of Alice Marlatt , a pioneer child of the prairies, who grew up, married, and raised her family during the first half of the last century. She knew the struggle of prairie farming, the trials of two world wars, and the desperation of the depression. She also knew the pain of tragic loss.

Her story entwines with that of a child’s perspective on life in a 50s logging camp in British Columbia, and that child’s education received from a dedicated, determined, but humorous woman.

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Five Nights in a Turtle

Not Your Ordinary Hawaiian Vacation

They had no idea that camping on the beaches of Hawaii in a Volkswagen van might not be the best of holiday choices. Billed as either luxury retreat, idyllic hideaway, shopping extravaganza, or party central in travel brochures, the reality of life in the Hawaiian Islands reflected nothing of the sort. Their Hawaiian vacation was quite the ride, so hop on board and come along to see what they found out during “Five Nights in a Turtle.”

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Christmas Canter

Published in The Wonder of Christmas, by Chicken Soup for the Soul October, 2018.

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Collections of Poetry and Prose

I Was There. Culloden 1746

Personal essay published in War, compiled by Robin Barratt

The Ghost in Cabin 5

Short story published in The Seasons, compiled by Robin Barratt

A Trial of Loving and Losing

Personal essay published in The Challenges of Finding Love, compiled by Robin Barratt

Empowerment – Driven From Within?

Personal essay published in Empowerment, compiled by Robin Barratt

Planet Life, Blanket Air, and Primordial Immersion

Personal essays published in The Elements, compiled by Robin Barratt

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